Week 9 Drop – 4/19/2018



supreme x lacoste

  1. Supreme x Lacoste Wool Varsity Jacket| Price Estimate: $368|Resell Estimate: ~$500
  2. Supreme x Lacoste Shoulder Bag| Price Estimate: $110 |Resell Estimate: ~$175
  3. Supreme x Lacoste Nylon Anorak| Price Estimate: $208|~$350
  4. Supreme x Lacoste Velour Half Zip Track Top|Price Estimate: $188|DON’T RESELL 
  5. Supreme x Lacoste Nylon Track Pants|Price Estimate: $138|DON’T RESELL
  6. Supreme x Lacoste Sweat shorts|Price Estimate: $128 |DON’T RESELLSupreme lacoste hat
  7. Supreme x Lacoste Velour Bucket Hat|Price Estimate: $60| ~$130

Supreme lacoste crewneck

8. Supreme x Lacoste Crewneck Sweatshirt | Price Estimate: $148| Resell Estimate: ~$200

supreme cartridge

9. Cartridge Flask| Price Estimate: $74 |Resell Estimate: ~$150

supreme suede cap ss18

10. Suede Camp Cap|Price Estimate: $68|DON’T RESELL

supreme chest logo ss18

11. Chest Logo Short Sleeve Top|Price Estimate: $118 |DON’T RESELL
supreme butterfly top ss18

11. Butterfly Jacquard Top|Price Estimate: $110|DON’T RESELL

supreme floral button up

12. Floral Silk Jacquard Shirt|Price Estimate: $168 |DON’T RESELL

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