Supreme Week 8 Drop Details

We are about midway through the supreme F/W season and this week has a few interesting items. There is a collaboration with Wavian, a company that makes jerry cans, a reversible fleece jacket (pictured below), and a skateboard tool that also functions as a pipe.

These are obviously not all of the items that are being released but these three we believe will have some resale value. We discuss potential retail prices, and what we think they will resale for here. We have seen a reversible fleece jacket before in F/W of 2018 (pictured below) which had a retail value of $228 and is currently reselling at around $500 in that particular colorway.

So with that in mind, the fleece jacket releasing this Thursday might be the real moneymaker of the drop, but it has more risk tied to it as it’s considerably more expensive than the other two items. We also were conservative with the resale estimate as the Supreme logos are not as prominent on the new jacket as they were back in 2018, which usually has an effect on value.

The jerry can (pictured below) is a unique item that could be a hit or miss and we will not know if it is until after the drop, unfortunately. This is one of Supreme’s unique accessory drops which sometimes comes with a huge payoff for those able to secure the items. I guess we will just have to wait and see for ourselves.

Lastly, the cheapest of the three items is the pipe/ skateboard tool (pictured below) which will probably be around $30-$50. While this is the safest route because of the low retail price, it will also probably come with lower resale value. We still think you will be able to come out profitable but will have slimmer margins than the other two items we mentioned.

With that all in mind, we hope you have a great week 8 and hope you come back next week to find out our resale predictions for week 9!

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