Supreme Week 8 Recap

This week the color block fleece jacket was the most popular item by far. Many sizes and colorways sold out in under 10 seconds. This item also came with the highest resell value, currently going for around $350 on StockX. We overestimating the retail and it actually was being sold for $238, so congratulations to those who where able to get it.

Next was the jerry can which is currently reselling for about $140 on StockX. This again retailed for less than we were expecting, but it is also reselling for lower. Retailing at $108 and being a considerably sized accessory, making shipping cost more there was no money to be made here unless the item grows in value over time.

Lastly was the pipe which retailed for a little higher than we thought at $38. But the resell is pretty good for this item and currently $70 on StockX. Being a smaller item you can save on shipping costs and will have less selling fees for this item since it is low priced. So a good pick-up for anyone who was able to get one.

See you all next week!

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