Supreme Week 9 Recap

It’s not every week that we see a Supreme item drop that’s worth more than $10k. If you were able to get one, congratulations it’ll be a big payday for you.

There aren’t many sales for the Jacob and co. watch right now, which is probably because the stock number was very low. There is one recorded sale at $18k for the 47mm watch in red. Below are links to the 4 different watch configurations on StockX.

40mm in Red

47mm in Red

40mm in Black

47mm in Black

These will be very interesting items to track and see what they sell for as more of them hit the secondary market. Although they might have a similar outcome to the pinball machine from years back, with such low stock numbers being released it was almost impossible to track one down for sale or even to just see how much they sold for because it was all done privately. Hopefully now with marketplaces such as StockX we will be able to track sale information but we will have to wait and see.

Those watches weren’t the only Jacob and co. item to be released, they also dropped a 14K gold necklace. Even though it sold out just as fast as the watches it seems to at least have some resales already so we can get a rough estimate for what it is going for in the resale market. It retailed at $1,100 and seems to be resold for about $1,300 – $1,400 on StockX which is pretty much about even after fees and shipping.

We will be tracking these items, especially the watches, to see what the market price is for them so we can learn more about the reselling market for the more expensive Supreme items.

We hope everyone had a fantastic week 9, and we will see you again next week!

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