How to Buy Supreme – What You Must Know

Understanding the Layout

It is extremely important to know how the site is designed so you can predict where to click when the page loads. At 11am EST on Thursdays the site loads its new items for sale for the week, knowing where your item will land is essential to ensuring a successful purchase.

When you first load the site it doesn’t bring you straight to the store page so here are a few pictures to help, just click where the red boxes are to get there

This is the screen you want to be on and refreshing at 10:59:45 am EST. Make sure you click the category of the item you will be going for. Sometime an item is questionable to which category it will fall under and in that circumstance you should select the category ‘new’.

Now it’s time to take it one step further. Go through a few practice runs with items you do not intend to purchase just to understand where the buttons will be. The first step will be to click on the item, then select your desired size and color if applicable. Then click add to cart and checkout now. Put in all your information, and we will talk about the best way to do that later on this post. DON’T click process payment because that is the last step to purchase your item and you will be charged if you click it. Remove the item from your cart and keep doing this process over until you memorize where you need to click.


Having autofill is ESSENTIAL for someone looking to purchase Supreme manually for resell. There are also bots that can be purchased to automate this process for you but I will be covering how to buy without one. There are risks that come with using a bot and I will talk about that in another post.

The easiest and most straightforward way about using autofill is to be using the Google Chrome browser and fill out the autofill information there. By using Chrome it ensures your information will always be there and you do not have to worry about the service being down or needing an update because Google is on top of that. Navigating to the settings page to fill out autofill is easy by just following these pictures:

Make sure you fill out both the passwords and payment methods section. I recommend having your preferred payment and address as your top choice so it is easier to navigate to when purchasing.

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