Week 14 S/S Resell Predictions

Supreme / Mac Tools Workstation | Estimated Retail: $8698 | Estimated Retail: It’s hard to judge the resell price on this item because of its extremely high retail price but it’s worth to note all other expensive items supreme has released was in extremely low quantity and resell was high, but caution should be taken….

Week 13 S/S Resell Predictions

Supreme / The North Face World T-Shirt | Estimated Retail: $48 | Estimated Retail: $150 Supreme / The North Face Cargo Jacket | Estimated Retail: $398 | Estimated Resell: $500+

Week 11 S/S Resell Predictions

Unfortunately this week I don’t think there are any items worth reselling. The bike could be buts it’s a big risk so I could advise against it. They might bump up the stock and kill resell prices.

How to Resell Supreme

How to maximize your potential earnings when reselling supreme (or anything else) Sites like StockX, eBay, and Grailed take a huge chunk of your potential profit in fees normally charging like 10-15%. An easy way around this is locally selling (if possible) but if that is not an option for you then trying selling off-site,…

Week 7 S/S Resell Predictions

Finally a week where we have something to flip Supreme Motion Hoodie | Estimated Retail: $148 | Estimated Resell: $250